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  1. I felt compelled to look this one up. She was sentenced to eight years in jail for the murder.

    “BLOOMINGTON Ind. (AP) _ A woman who killed her abusive boyfriend by dropping a bowling ball on his head as he slept was charged Saturday with murder, in what police said was part of the ‴Burning Bed’ syndrome.″

    ″This really is the first time in Bloomington that I’ve heard of this kind of thing,″ said Detective Kay Minger. ″Usually you have guns or knives involved.″

    Steven Detmer, 37, owner of a bowling supply company, died Saturday at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, said nursing supervisor Lavita Russell.

    Glendon Wininger, 40, was arrested after the Friday night incident and was being held without bond at the Monroe County Jail.

    ″It’s sort of the ‘Burning Bed’ syndrome,″ said Ms. Minger, referring to the highly publicized television account of a woman who set her abusive husband afire while the man slept in his bed.”

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